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3C Electronics

World Precision has accumulated rich experience in the 3C electronics industry, especially for the assembly of mobile phones, notebook computers, tablet computers and other products. We can provide fully automated solutions for system integration such as precision dispensing, precision assembly, laser welding and complete machine testing.

Automotive Electronics

In the automotive electronic equipment industry, we can provide customers with automatic assembly of components such as relays and remote control antennas. We can provide customized services from product design, system development, prototype manufacturing, system verification, after-sales maintenance, etc. according to customers' actual needs.

Emerging Energy Lithium Battery Equipment

The emerging energy lithium battery equipment automation solution is currently planned to cover cutting and stacking machine, packaging and shelling machine, differential liquid injection machine, isobaric liquid injection machine, Cutting and Rolling, etc., which can meet the needs of emerging energy lithium battery equipment.

OEM Equipment

OEM Background: World Precision is based on the national strategy of China's Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, devoted to the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, and realizes the dream of deep customization of customers. With the leading advantages of technology and service, we contribute our enthusiasm to the realization of unmanned and asset-light operation of customer factories. World Precision shares the company's management system, R&D technical strength, supply chain resources, and manufacturing capacity with non-standard equipment manufacturing enterprises to seek common development.

OEM Advantages: The company pioneered the whole-link OEM business of non-standard machinery and equipment, and has built a quality management system for the full life cycle of products, a R&D management system for in-depth customization for customers, and a process management system for the supply chain. We insist: the lowest price at the same quality, the highest quality at the same price.

Industry Common

World Precision focuses on the in-depth application in the field of automation. With the core advantages of "strong R&D team, efficient flexible customized development, perfect demand testing capabilities, and seamless connection with the industrial Internet", we can provide customers with automation solutions which can be meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Precision Machining Solution

  • Precision Machining

    ● Imported a large number of high-end CNC machine tools such as precision five-axis, horizontal, turning-milling, and centering machines from Germany and Japan

    ● Passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001management system certification

    ● Product processing accuracy and processing capability are in a leading position in the global precision processing industry

    ● With vacuum quenching furnace, ion nitriding furnace and other heat treatment equipment

    ● Can realize annealing, normalizing, carburizing, nitriding and other processes

    ● Possess high-precision testing equipment such as imported three-coordinate measuring instrument, roundness meter, profile meter, roughness meter, altimeter, etc.

    ● Strictly implement customer quality demands to ensure product quality meets customer standards

  • Sheet Metal Processing

    ● Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), the pass rate of welding workers exceeds 60%

    ● Possess international advanced laser cutting machine, turret CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, welding machine, etc.

    ● Can process copper plate, aluminum plate, thicker stainless steel and other conventional materials

    ● Stable performance, high machining accuracy and good dimensional consistency

  • Module

    ● Standardized design and manufacture, mature application of FA & SOP process system

    ● Strong batch manufacturing strength, output 1000+ sets/month

    ● The customer demand is increasing year by year, and the annual output value is 30 million+ million

    ● Module products are widely used in medical equipment, aerospace and other fields

    ● We can meet the module OEM customization needs of customers

About Us


Guangdong World Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003 with 21 years of technical precipitation

— 2020-2022 Recognized as one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in Guangdong Province

— More than 3000 employees, with R&D personnel accounting for about 30%

— A total of more than 500 patents have been obtained and more than 300 have been authorized

— Has been recognized as National High-tech Enterprise since 2016

— Established two business divisions: Intelligent Equipment Development Center and Intelligent      Manufacturing Center

— Passed ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001quality and environmental management system      certifications

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